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Clean and efficient production of high-quality aluminum cans

To ensure clean and efficient production of high-quality aluminum cans, our process complies with the ISO 9001 quality management standard and the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. In addition, the introduction of the ISO 22000-certified food safety management standard also bears witness to our corporate responsibility as a manufacturer of beverage containers.

Aluminum bottles (can bodies)

Aluminum bottles are an innovative product, as they not only boast the features of two-piece cans —tightly sealable, lightweight and easy for recycling— but also can be resealed.On that note, users can open the bottle to drink at any time, and this is what a cutting-edge beverage container should offer.
canmaking technology

Caps (for aluminum bottles)

Based on the caps used, aluminum bottles can be resealed.
As for caps, the cap press is used to continuously shape aluminum sheets into cap shells (the main unit of a cap). A knurler is used to reprocess the fingerhold part. The interior surfaces of caps are then processed, and the threads are formed after the beverage is filled by beverage makers.
canmaking technology