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Clean and efficient production of high-quality aluminum cans

To ensure clean and efficient production of high-quality aluminum cans, our process complies with the ISO 9001 quality management standard and the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. In addition, the introduction of the ISO 22000-certified food safety management standard also bears witness to our corporate responsibility as a manufacturer of beverage containers.

Can bodies

A two-piece can is an aluminum can characterized by its body and base integrated into one part, to which the lid is added as the other part.
The drawing & ironing (D&I) process is used to manufacture the body of a two-piece can, making it lighter than a steel can.
A seamless container body is then formed. The structure is good for preventing leakage.
canmaking technology

Can lids (ends)

The quality of can lids (ends) has a great impact on the overall quality of cans.
We use an equipment called "shell press" to continuously shape aluminum sheets into end shells (the main unit of several can lids). We then use another equipment called "conversion press" to process the opening of lids.
In addition, tabs are also processed using the same press, and can lids are installed. The internal and the external sides of finished products are then inspected strictly before packaging and shipment.
canmaking technology

Embossed cans

The side wall of a can body is embossed to have a concave-convex surface. When on display, an embossed can catches more attention, and offers a better grip while being held in one hand. It is possible to fix embossing to the specific positions in print design layouts on the side wall as well as to produce a geometric patern with embossing independent of print design layouts.