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Provideing beverage friendly to human beings, society and the earth.

Providing people-, society-
and earth-friendly
aluminum beverage containers.

President Message

The Universal Can Corporation has been aiming at contributing to people, society and the earth through supplying "aluminum beverage containers" since its establishment. While we deliver safe and highly reliable products to all customers and recycle used beverage cans for resource saving and environment load reduction-that is the management philosophy, we continue to achieve sustainable development as a good corporate citizen trusted by society. By further advancing the manufacturing technology cultivated through our experience and expertise with aluminum bottles, cans, caps and ends, we will convey our commitment to manufacturing to as many people as possible. We have the confidence and pride to be responsible for the mission to support "Food Safety" in Japan and the world, and endeavor to have been a leading company of aluminum beverage can maker. Our watchword "Can For You!" reflects our commitment. Thank you for your continuous understanding and support.
Tatsuya Hanafusa
Universal Can Corporation
Can For You!